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 Deeper Student Ministries is for students from ages 12-18 years old! It’s a safe place to learn who they are in Jesus, how to live a life with Jesus as their number one, and how to be bold in sharing their faith!

We are all about friendships at Deeper, and we strongly believe you will make lifelong friendships in our youth group! We know a relationship with Jesus is the most important thing, and that community with people is very important for us as followers of Jesus! To strengthen friendships and encourage you to surround yourself with uplifting friends, we go on awesome trips all throughout the year! Each month we have at least one activity that we do outside of Wednesday nights, and bi-monthly we have Girls Night and Guys Night! Plus, we have a ton of awesome annual trips we go on! From Winterfest in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, Teen Talent, youth camp, Hershey Park, Mystery Weekend and more!

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